Monthly Archives: January 2012

Items of Note

So it’s a been while, and the year has ended before I’ve had time to do anything. I feel as though I should be posting about my travails with learning Perl (and what feels like half the internet, at work) but really with the way the year ended, the science news surpassed my imaginative abilities. Here are some of my favorite stories from the tail end of 2011:

The Large Hadron Collider may have found the Higgs:

Downloading knowledge directly into your brain:

Quantum entanglement in macroscopic bodies:

On a related note, beam me up, Scotty!

A molybdenite integrated circuit, serious contender to graphene and maybe more achievable than qubits:

Invisibility — in TIME:

I’d be the first to admit that most of this science is going over my head, but the possibilities are irresistible. I’d like to talk about these more, but I’d have to do a good deal more research before getting a handle on these.

What I’d really like to do is explore the possibilities of groundbreaking research like this — by which I mean full-on sci-fi scenarios. It’s one thing to marvel at these wonders, but I think it takes a bit more disciplined creativity to come up with possible implications.