Daily Roundup

All right, this hasn’t been very “daily”, but I’m going to pretend this is filling in for yesterday’s post that I should have written. In any case, two items of note:

Scientists have observed an electron splitting into two different components. One of these split electrons carries away information about the electron’s spin, and the other carries away information about orbital momentum. Until recently, electrons were thought of as fundamental particles — that there was nothing else left to them but, well, electron. They are not, for instance, composed for quarks the way protons and neutrons are.

I find it pretty mind boggling that scientists were even hypothesizing the existence of a complicated electron, but there you go. I’m rather excited to find out what kinds of applications this would have. The phys.org article on this is a better read in terms of details and implications.

And today morning, while strolling through the Internet, I came across the Small Science Collective. This group of dedicated science enthusiasts (and they’re not all scientists themselves; some are just interested in the field) produces little zines containing some nugget of information, something they’re interested in, and then distributes the zines in all kinds of locations to simply raise awareness of science. It’s something I would love to contribute to, and in the meantime, I’m reading through their archived works.


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