Isaac Newton supposedly named the colours of the rainbow by distinguishing between seven different wavelengths. But though there are several particularly pretty colours in rainbows, there aren’t exactly seven. The story — which might be apocryphal — is that Newton’s fascination with the number stemmed from his belief that seven was a Biblical, powerful number. Newton wasn’t a cold and logical calculating machine, but a man as deeply devoted to the mystical as to the material.

And science – or at least, the way we use it, discover it, and are befuddled by it – works in the same intersection between logic and society. We do try to generalize and quantify science, but at the same time, we impose upon it our personal views and interpretations of what it is or should be. And when we do have a hard and fast scientific rule, it’s not always clear that we’re applying it in the most moral way.

I’ve been interested in science for most of my life. I love solving problems immensely and I love watching the way the world works. I also love explaining things, and I find it incomprehensible that not everyone is nerdy.

At the same time, I love writing. I like expressing my ideas clearly, concisely and convincingly, and on a large variety of subjects. But I’m particularly interested in the intersection between science and writing. Many people, to my chagrin, regard science as boring, difficult to grasp, abstract, or any combination of the above. I want to help destroy that preconception.

This blog/site has many aims: to act as a platform and incubator of sort for my writing; to explore and explain scientific concepts that catch my eye; and to collect the latest, most interesting news in one place.

About the author: 

A year and a half ago, I graduated with degrees in engineering and liberal arts from a Texan university. By day, I work as a software developer in California (where else?). By night — and to be honest, whenever work is slow — I read science articles voraciously and try to keep myself updated on the latest news.

I am also a member of the Northern California Science Writers’ Association.


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