A collection of some articles I’ve read and loved, and some notes on what I’ve learned from them.

Unnatural Selection
Elegant, simple writing — and more importantly, a clear outline of what it might mean to test for genetic defects and how society can cope with the pressures that can bring.

Genome Sequencing, Shakespeare-style, part 1 and part 2
I love it when writers use analogies in comprehensible and interesting ways. Shakespeare gets the biology reboot here when used to illustrate the idea of “reading” DNA.

Breaking the Golden Rule
A marvelously prosaic debunking of the Golden Ratio mythology, with some startling revelations reagrding the Nautilus and whether science sometimes puts the cart before the horse.

Why We Need to Study the Brain’s Evolution in Order to Understand the Modern Mind
Besides being a quick little rundown of the evolution of the human brain (and brains in general), I like the author’s measured, elegant response to the original argument. And of course, the idea that evolution is not simply a historical account is cool, too.


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